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Kind Words

Because of people like you, Kody’s Kids has been able to help many children at risk. Below are a few kind words people have written to us.

“One of the most heartwarming special things…”

“…we had the fortunate chance to get connected with your organization. The Comfort Quilt & Teddy Bear we received at the hospital was one of the most heartwarming special things a person could have done for our son. We would like to thank you so much for what you did for us.

Sincerely with Love,
Melissa & Patrick

“Thank you so much for the wonderful gift for my child.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful quilt and teddy bear for my little girl. It meant so much to me to think of the time and care people took to put this together.…Thanks Again and God Bless you Folks!”

Rhonda Martin

“I greatly appreciate the volunteers…”

Your visits to our son’s preschool made a lasting impact on him. I greatly appreciate the volunteers who help make this program possible.

Thank you,
The Young Family

“Kody’s Kids Early Learning Outreach Program made a big difference in my son’s life.”

Being that I work two jobs I cannot always read to my son, who never really liked being read to. After your visit to his school, he now brings me books to read to him. It is amazing the difference in him. He is actually picking up words and able to read back to me some, which is wonderful. When I asked my son what made him change his mind about reading, he said, “Mr. Kody said we should be read to everyday and that’s what I want to do.” Thank you for everything you do!

K Downes

“My personal recommendation for the Kody’s Kids Early Learning Program.”

I have found Kody and the Early Learning Team to be excellent and easy to work with. During the visits to the centers, the team has brought many smiles to the children and staff while sharing their lessons. The children had so much fun with the program that they often ask if they will return. I highly recommend Kody’s Kids Early Learning Program for future assignments.


Selina Houston, Center Director
Telamon Corporation

“Thank you, Mr. Kody, and the Early Learning Team.

Thank you for your visit to St. john’s Preschool. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we applaud your efforts to encourage the love of reading in the hearts of children in our County.

Again, Thank you

Connie Halter, Preschool Administrator
St. John’s Preschool