Why We Help

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According to The Kids Count report, 20.6 percent of Delaware children live in poverty. The percentage of Delaware children living in poverty has doubled since 2008, according to a report that tracks the well-being of state youth.

When putting food on the table or finding a place to live becomes a struggle and top priority, some of the basic educational, health and preventive needs go unchecked.

Kody’s Kids organization works in local communities promoting Reading, Nutrition, Exercise, Kindness To Others, and also brings awareness to other Health Issues that affect the children of our communities in Delaware.

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A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics states that reading to young children can stimulate brain development and help build language, literacy, and social skills. Ultimately, the more used to reading a child is, the more prepared a child is to read. This preparedness results in a child who reads well, and who is more likely to graduate high school and perhaps go on to college.

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 Nutrition and Exercise:

Proper nutrition early in life helps children develop the ability to learn, communicate, think analytically, and socialize effectively. Good nutrition also helps in preventing certain childhood diseases.  Teaching a child to eat healthful foods and to exercise while young can help lead to a healthful lifestyle and a long life while preventing issues like obesity and the problems that go along with it.



Kindness to Others:

Bullying can affect not only the one bullied but also those who bully and those who witness it.   Bullying can cause negative outcomes like changes in mental health, the use of substances, and even suicide.  Instilling children with a sense of compassion and empathy for others can help stop bullying before it starts.