Inspiring kids to be healthier, smarter and kinder

Kody’s Kids was created to inspire preschool, kindergarten, and elementary kids from all communities and circumstances to read and to enhance their lives by learning healthy habits and kindness to others that will enrich and make a positive difference in their school years.

We achieve this by teaming up with volunteer teachers in our Early Learning Outreach Program and through the Kody O’Bear YouTube channel, along with other media productions.

Who is Kody O’Bear?

Kody’s Kids is named after the organization’s official Ambassador, Kody O’Bear.

Kody O’Bear is a 6-foot animated and talking teddy bear who inspires kids to learn and be the best they can.

Kody O’Bear has been referred to as a role model, mentor, hero, and by one young student, “My reading hero”.

Since our beginning in 2001, we’ve helped thousands of kids and we are making a difference.

Kody’s Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and relies on donations to fulfill our mission. We appreciate your tax-deductible (as outlined by the IRS) contribution.


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