Early Reading & Learning Program

The Goal of Kody’s Kids Early Reading and Learning Outreach Program is to encourage reading, thinking, learning, and enjoyment of healthy activities.

Early reading and education have a positive impact on a child’s achievements in later school years. For some children, acquiring basic learning or healthy living skills can be difficult. Recognizing this, Kody’s Kids Early Reading and Learning Outreach Program was created to help children develop a passion for learning and for developing a healthy lifestyle.

The Early Reading and Learning Outreach Program team, comprised of volunteer school teachers and our own Kody O’Bear, visit and inspire children of preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age from all backgrounds and abilities to learn the importance of reading, healthy habits, and kindness to others. Healthy habits include the importance of proper nutrition, physical activity, oral hygiene, and sun safety.

The main character in the program is Kody O’Bear, a 6-foot tall, live teddy bear who talks and assists teachers in getting the children excited about reading and learning. Kody O’Bear speaks to the children about visiting libraries and traveling the world through books, recognizing words, and the joy of having good manners.

Kody’s Kids’ Early Reading and Learning Outreach Program uses the Conversational Reading method strategy as well as the guide developed by the Delaware Early Learning Foundations for School Success as a template for its curriculum.


Kody’s Kids Online Classroom

In our effort to reach as many children as possible, we created the Kody’s Kids Online Classroom with Kody O’Bear on the Kody’s Kids YouTube Channel.

This series can be used in a classroom, library, or homeschool setting, and for children who are homebound.

Reading is important because it develops the mind. Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills and it also helps them learn to listen.

Each Storybook video comes with two activity sheets that can be chosen for the student’s learning level. Contact Kody’s Kids for our catalog of Storybook videos.