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Philip Brown, Founder of Kody's Kids, Inc.,

Philip Brown created the Kody’s Kids organization intending to inspire children to have adventures through books. Kody’s Kids would also teach kids the importance of enhancing their lives with healthy habits like nutrition, exercise, friendship, and caring about others.

Philip also created the character Kody O’Bear to give the children a mentor, a hero, and an ambassador for reading.

Eric Montgomery helps Kody’s Kids in many ways, from technology to creative writing and design, research, video, and YouTube management. Eric has over 30 years of IT and business ownership experience.

Philip Brown said, “I’m fortunate to have Eric’s assistance given his long business experience and his technical expertise. I have often called on him for assistance, and he has been quick to assist. His enthusiasm for Kody’s Kids is contagious, and we’re lucky to have him.”

Donna Buck, volunteer,

Donna Buck has been a volunteer with Kody’s Kids, Inc. for nearly 4 years since her move from Upstate NY to DE. In NY, she was an elementary Special Education Teacher for over 25 years and finished her career as a Primary School Principal.

Reading has always been important, but the fun comes, according to Donna, when you read with kids and dive into their imaginations! Choosing just the right book to spark their interest and generate conversation is so rewarding, and that’s what she enjoys about working with Kody’s Kids!

Ron Deremer, volunteer,

Ron Deremer has over 30 years of experience as an Elementary Reading Specialist. He received degrees from Frostburg State, Bowie State, and the University of Maryland.

He enjoys working with Kody’s Kids because it’s a program that reinforces the importance of reading at a very critical time for young children.

Jeanne Dukes, volunteer,

Jeanne Dukes is the owner of Lewes Counseling LLC, which she started to focus on children and their families and help individuals dealing with profound life changes.

She has genuinely appreciated and applauds the magnitude of greatness Philip Brown, and his volunteers have accomplished over the years. As the organization grew, its overall passion for helping kids never changed.